How Bad Weather Effects Your Roof

At Titan Roofing in the greater Charleston area, our roofing contractor family wants to share some information with your family about bad weather and your roof.

Down here in the south east we have some pretty “bad” weather, year around! Not that our weather is really “bad” but it is bad for our roofs and roofing materials. From the cold, windy, rainy, and stormy winters to the scorching sun and humidity of the summers, our roofs take a beating year after year. Many people aren’t aware just what bad weather can do to a roof.

Don’t just let this information go in passing, by being proactive and following our tips for what to do about bad weather and your roof, you can ensure and extend the life of your roof beyond its prime.

As we see a good bit of storms with thunder and lightning, it’s important to make note of just what these types of storms can do to our roofs. Blowing debris across roofs, collecting water, or allowing the growth of moss without the sun shining, you’ll want to be extra careful to give your roof a thorough check after a big storm.

When scanning your roof after a storm, be on the lookout for major debris, minor debris, bald spots, and missing or decaying shingles. Shingles that stick out, curl, or are lifted have the potential to wreak havoc and allow further damage to your roof.

From the inside of your home, do a thorough scan to check for leaks or water damage. These issues are mostly noticeable and easily identifiable but be sure to check or warps, cracks, or leaks in the ceiling.

At this point, you should inspect and assess the health of your gutters. If they’re full of debris, you’ll need to clear them out. Damaged or hanging gutters can be just as harmful to the life of your roof but easily repaired by the home owner or professional roofer.

As you evaluate and inspect your roof after a storm, it is not advisable to walk across the roof because you may not spot a sign of hazard or danger until it is too late. Weak spots in the roof can be hard to spot and easy to miss, never take the chance.

For full inspection and evaluation, we recommend the services of our certified, experienced roofers in North Charleston. If a big storm or bad weather has your worried about the health of your roof, schedule an evaluation with Titan Roofing.