Titan Roofing: What We’ve Learned From 28 Years in the Roofing Industry

As you may well know, starting a business and keeping a business are two completely different things. When we started this roofing contractor business in Mount Pleasant 28 years ago, we had no idea it would turn into such a long lasting, prosperous, community staple. If you ask us, our passion helped us gain our expertise and our good standing in the community.

So, in all these years in the industry, we must have learned a trick or two, right? Right. We never became complacent with our work with roofs in the tri-county areas. We always sought to learn more, do more, and be more in our community.

Codes and Standards

We are constantly staying up to date with the latest building codes and specs for the areas we serve. There’s no excuse to miss changes to codes and stay within or exceeding regulations for your safety and hours. By doing things right the first time, we avoid having to do the same job twice.

Quality and Craftsmanship

We’ve been in this industry for so long because we are passionate about what we do. We haven’t made a name for ourselves by slapping roofs together without a thought or care. We fine-tune our craft and stand proud behind every job we do. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priorities, always. 

Timeliness and Efficiency

When you’ve been doing roofs for as long as we have, you learn how to manage time wisely and be prepared because we think ahead and plan carefully, we always finish our projects on time and as scheduled. You’ll never have to wait around due to miss managed time or delays. 


At Titan Roofing, the safety of you, your home, and our crew takes precedence over all else. We use the right equipment to access every area of the roofs will be working on and provide ongoing training and work safety for all our certified roofers. By doing roofs day in and day out, we’ve acquired the skills needed to keep ourselves and our crewmembers safe on every job site. 

Why Choose Titan Roofing

If you have a roofing project, repair, or new installation on the horizon, you want the right roofing contractor who can address all your needs and get the job done right. Titan Roofing in Mount Pleasant is the right roofing contractor for your next job. Schedule an appointment with us today!