What You Should Know About Certified Installers VS Regular Laborers

Have a roofing project you need to take care of? At one point or another, home owners and business owners alike find themselves searching for the right team to take care of the job when it comes to roof repairs, maintenance, and new installations. If you’ve looked into hiring certified roofers before, you may have found that many people claiming to be great roofers a little overwhelming. Let us tell you what you’ll find when it comes to certified installers vs. regular laborers.

Regular Laborers

On your quest to find an affordable roofing solution, you probably happened across many laborers claiming they could give you the roof you desired for a price that couldn’t be beat. There’s always a catch though, and with day laborers, that catch is that you may be compromising quality for price. You have no guarantee that these workers have any skill or professional craftsmanship and almost certainly, no formal training.

You might land yourself a faulty install, poor quality, and a roof that has not been assessed, repaired, or replaced in the proper manner. When this happens, your problems may only get worse. You may not be able to get ahold of these people should you make an attempt to collect on your warranty.

Certified, Professional Installers

Professional roofing installers are certified because it’s what they do. They work on roofs and always deliver a quality product, that’s why they’ve gone through the trouble of obtaining the highest licensing and certification standards. You not only get quality; you get the best people for the job.

Certified roofers know their way around a roof, they know how to spot minor maintenance issues before they become major hazards and costly undertakings. When you choose certified installers, you may pay more up front, but you save money over the long run as your roof endures longevity that day laborers just can achieve.

Don’t sell yourself or your roof short, always select the best crew for the job, a crew you can count on made up of only quality, professional, and certified roofers who are fully licensed and insured.

At Titan Roofing, we don’t fool around with day laborers, we’ve selected a team of individuals who are highly skilled and formally trained to uphold our great reputation in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the Tri County Areas. For your free estimate, call us today!